Bringing in-depth portfolio tracking and program management capabilities, WeaverPRM integrates workflow, dwelling, and homeowner information into a cloud-based application designed to organize and manage parcel and property-based activities for cities, towns, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations engaged in housing development and management.

Weaver_Logo_Med-2.jpgWith its easy-to-use, cloud-based interface and flexible design, WeaverPRM offers access to essential information for communication, construction management, portfolio tracking, and program management. WeaverPRM is highly scalable and simple enough for use in managing smaller portfolios while still meeting all the needs of larger organizations. In addition, WeaverPRM can link multiple organizational systems with unified reporting capability — and integrate it all with GIS mapping applications. Upload spreadsheets, legal documents, photographs — even video — into WeaverPRM for streamlined and organized workflow management.

With modules organized around the activities of developing and managing residential properties, you will have the information you need to effectively administer your affordable housing program. The available modules, dashboards, reports, maps, and functions can provide multiple views of workflow for properties and project data, helping to:

  • Inventory land, buildings, units, and people.
  • Track projects, grants, and construction details.
  • Create reports for homeowners, foundations, and boards of directors.
  • Scan and attach documents such as deeds, warranties, and leaseholder agreements.
  • Assess project status and pull together information for grant applications.
  • Maintain a history of resident communications (and related documents).
  • Use case management for resolving resident issues as well as for planning future projects or training new staff.
  • Track a wide variety of demographic information about your applicants and residents.

Pricing is based on your organization’s housing portfolio and development activity — and not on the number of users — so you can provide access to an unlimited number of staff, vendors, consultants, and board members as part of your license. And for peace of mind, know that you can export your data as a PDF, MS Excel, or MS Word files, as well as receive your WeaverPRM database as a fully relational Microsoft Access database file.