WeaverPRM Screenshot of ProjectsCONTACT MANAGEMENT:  WeaverPRM’s contact log and strong case management capability allows you to store information about buildings, units, and residents in a way that creates a comprehensive history across the entire lifespan of both single-family and multi-family properties. You can organize meetings and communication logs around a single topic to create a comprehensive case report. Add-in customizable mail merge and central document storage, and now you have an invaluable resource for recording communications, facilitating follow-up research, and responding to the public.


project managementPROJECT MANAGEMENT:  WeaverPRM meets the complex data tracking needs of nonprofit housing developers, including phasing for new construction and renovation projects, managing contracts, tracking funding, documenting resident communication, and tracking workflow status. Simplify follow-up on maintenance calls by tracking product information, including warranty status. WeaverPRM includes universal checklists and note keeping to help your team collaborate on all aspects of your CDC.


multilevelMULTI-LEVEL REPORTING: Tracking the status of affordable housing development projects is a critical task, growing in complexity as the project progresses. Milestone and checklist reporting provide the detail necessary to make informed decisions throughout the project lifecycle. WeaverPRM tracks the status and timing of grant spending, as well as information about parcels, buildings, units, and individuals, providing detailed dwelling-level and aggregated higher-level reports of phase, milestone, or grant progress.



MULTI-USER ACCESS AND CENTRALIZED DOCUMENT STORAGE:  Pricing for WeaverPRM allows unlimited users with individualized role-based security, so you can manage programs yourself while allowing selected access for organizational staff, consultants, and board members. Uploaded documents are accessible through linked data records or in a central document search area. And whenever you need to, you can download your document in its native format.


CUSTOMER SUPPORT & CUSTOMIZATION:  As a WeaverPRM customer, you have direct access to the firm that developed WeaverPRM – people who combine software development skills with extensive experience in housing development and architecture. Whether you have questions on housing, community development, construction, or software systems, you’ll get expert help from the developers themselves. And for the unique needs of your organization, you can work closely with in-house staff to customize and expand WeaverPRM’s capabilities.

Optional Modules

WeaverPRM’s software architecture is designed to be extensible, enabling expansion of its capabilities through a suite of optional plug-in applications. WeaverConnect is a web-based portal for your residents, enabling two-way sharing of information with homeowners and tenants. WeaverFieldReporting provides a simple means for your vendors and contractors to report directly to WeaverPRM. AndWeaverGIS brings the power of data visualization, blending data from your WeaverPRM database with data from external sources, such as census information, assessor data, and school district statistics.