Our Story

The Jones Payne Group, Inc.

JP-Logo-with-company-nameThe Jones Payne Group, Inc. is a multi-disciplinary firm of talented project and construction managers, planners, community specialists, information managers and architects. Over the past 30 years, the firm has developed specialized expertise in transportation, urban design, housing and historic preservation that provides the knowledge base to focus on “… making livable communities.”

The firm, through its extensive national practice, has developed unique project management methods and systems for a variety of programs. The projects we serve include aviation, transit, commercial, and residential serving federal, state, and local governments. Jones Payne’s full service capabilities include expertise in the areas of planning, design, program and construction management, community outreach and liaison services, graphic design, information management systems, GIS, environmental impact studies, preparation of plans, facilities planning and design, noise mitigation strategies, and capital improvement programs.

Weaver PRM’s roots in Residential Sound Insulation Programs

The Jones Payne Group is a national leader in sound insulation projects. This large-scale project type requires expertise in program management, along with architecture and construction management, in order to track multiple construction contracts, grants, and hundreds of homeowners through the duration of the project.

The Jones Payne IMS group first developed Weaver to address clients’ needs to access high-level and fine-grained information relative to the status of their sound insulation programs. The system provides the status of every phase of the sound insulation process from grant management down to schedule of individual homeowner visits and tracking issues and follow-up items.

We built it on the industry standard Microsoft .NET framework to create a flexible foundation that can be implemented in many different ways. WeaverPRM is a platform that will adapt and grow well into the future. Because we wanted to make it possible for a large number of service organizations to collaborate in the management and implementation of projects that touch families, households, and local services – what we call weaving livable communities – we named the software WeaverPRM.

WeaverPRM’s Expansion into Affordable Housing

DSNIJones Payne’s staff is heavily invested in the community, both through project work and in their own communities. One such staff member, who worked with WeaverPRM on a daily basis, quickly realized that it could be of great benefit to the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative (DSNI), Boston-based community development organization of which he is both a board member and homeowner.

Working closely with DSNI, Jones Payne brought WeaverPRM into the world of nonprofit housing organizations. Soon they were using WeaverPRM for managing their development projects and housing portfolio with great success. Based on that success, we decided to expand development of WeaverPRM to meet the needs of a broader array of nonprofit housing development organizations because there simply was not an application out there that provided the ability to manage the myriad of details of complex development projects, while also tracking information about homeowners and housing portfolio.